Multiple factors are weighed when determining pricing: -Length of event -Amount of post-coverage work required (editing, IDing, delivering) -Photographer hired (we work with a wide range of photographers when it comes to skill set and fees charged) -Gear required (do we need to bring long glass, lights, backgrounds, etc) -What is the end use of the photos? (Are images going to be on a website of a small non-profit for as an event recap or part of a national campaign for a major company?) -Is there a secondary market for the the photos? (Can the photographer earn additional income licensing the images)

Cancellation policies vary by event and by photographer. Small events with few logistical details can typically be cancelled without penalty with one week notice. Large events that involved more planning, can typically be cancelled without penalty with 30 days notice. Anything cancelled within 24 hours, will still be billed. Please respect our photographer's time and understand that if they have committed to an event with you, even if the event does not happen, by reserving the date, they have made themselves unavailable for other potential opportunities. The individual photographer may enforce a different cancellation policy than KLC fotos.

While some of our photographers are also capable of creating video, we specialize in photography. You can search the directory for photographers who are also videographers. We still encourage you to book an individual for one type of coverage as we've found otherwise while taking video, you miss great photo moments, and while taking photos you miss great video moments.

We are happy to accept payment via check, ACH, and credit card.

When you hire a photographer, you are not hiring simply for someone to take photos. You are hiring for the commitment that a professional will arrive at your event, utilize the appropriate equipment to create images that optimize the scene in a visually compelling way. You are also hiring for the time spent after the event, culling through to choose selects and delivering images. Photographers are responsible for maintaining both professional and health services as well as covering other operational fees. Also, keep in mind, you are paying the pre-tax fee. Current self-employment tax is >15%. After calculating the various costs associated, the photographer's "take home" event/hourly rate is much lower than perceived. These rates are also almost always less expensive than hiring a staff photographer and paying for salary, overtime, vacation, retirement, health insurance, and the gear they use.

KLC fotos typically takes a 20% overhead for all assignments booked and billed through KLC fotos. Sometimes less, never more.